First Quest, All Aboard – Getting Started

Fallout 4: How to go to Nuka WorldGoing to Nuka World is as simple as listening to the right channel on your radio at any time after level 30

In order to start the Nuka World DLC your character should be level 30, though you can travel to the Nuka World Transit Center manually and start it before then (see below for a screenshot of its map location). Once you meet that level requirement, you’ll be able to tune in to the Nuka Cola Radio channel on your radio (from the Pip-boy). Upon listening to this message, you should get the quest ‘All Aboard’ and get a map marker near the Sunshine Tidings Co-op Settlement, off the western side of the map (as with Far Harbor’s Quests).

Fallout 4: Nuka World Transit Center LocationTravel here to start Nuka World before level 30.

BUG Help

  • If you cannot get the train/monorail controls to work and take you to Nuka World, see here. No solution is known for Xbox/PS4 but people are trying to figure it out. For PC, you can use the cheat CoC DLC04NukaStationExt to try go get around it.
  • What to Bring:

    • Power Armor – can help with damage and radiation resistance. It is certainly not required, unless you lack ballistic weave and have a physically weak build.
    • RadX and RadAway – Definitely helpful for certain parts.
    • Food and Stimpaks – If you fall for traps during the later sequences or get into combat, you’re inevitably going to need to heal.
    • Carry Capacity – May be needed as this is a long quest you’re getting into, so clean out your inventory before you set out!
    • Dogmeat or Someone other than Preston – You may want a companion, but don’t bring Preston if you care what he thinks about your character and don’t yet have his perk. You get a companion when you follow the quests in Nuka World, so you may as well use the new person.

    Quest: All Aboard

    Nuka World Transit CenterOutside the Nuka World Transit Center – this is how you get to the cola-themed amusement park.

    Head to the Nuka World Transit Center and save as you enter the region. Before you can make it to Nuka World, you’ll face the first challenge. At the Transit Center, you’ll have to face off against some high-ranking Gunners, who are nothing to laugh at and even feature a couple Assaultrons that will come at you. Take out their legs, and never shoot them in the head while doing the opposite to the Gunners.

    A Gunner Assaultron at the Transit CenterAfter watching a FO4 developer in a live stream shoot an assaultron in the head, I thought I’d remind people they’re weak in the legs and you never shoot them in the head.

    The Gunner boss investigating the Transit Center, Commander Kaylor, will stealth when engaged and seems to be near level 50 herself. You can actually use the ruined building to the left of the entrance to gain a height advantage for this entire fight.

    Gunner Boss, Commander Kaylor is at the Nuka World Transit Center entranceNuka WorldDogmeat can be very handy when enemies cloak. This is the Nuka World Transit Center

    Defeat all the Gunners or consider making a run for it and board the train. I don’t recommend the latter, as the new area is going to be tough anyway and the Gunners serve as a bit of a gear and skill check so you do not get stuck. Once aboard the train you’re on your way to the new area. It has its own map just like previous DLC, and is quite large. Before you can begin to explore this, however, you’ve got to run the gauntlet. A sick game setup by a Raider who is yet unknown.

    Nuka World Transit Center

    Nuka World - harvey the raiderWhether you trust Harvey or not, you want to go to Nuka World, right?

    Pass a speech check on Harvey once inside the transit center to get a somewhat different story, nothing major as far as I know. Either way, you’ll get the control terminal password. Head to the back room for a computer and enable both primary and auxiliary power.

    Nuka World - finishing the all aboard quest for how to get to nuka worldThe All Aboard Quest is finished, time to start Taken for a Ride and The Gauntlet

    Now board the train and it’s off to Nuka World! The announcer will give you a brief tour, before the communications are taken over by a raider named Gage. Looks like Harvey just couldn’t be trusted.

    Next: Taken for a Ride Quest: The Gauntlet Walkthrough for Nuka World

Far Harbor DLC Guides

See my Far Harbor Guide for new features in the DLC. There, you can also watch the trailer and view new weapons that can be found. The area is massive, so we can expect plenty of quests and exploration in a foggy, rugged area with new and challenging creatures to battle.

Pleae note there are different endings for this DLC, something we all wanted! It’s like the actual end-game of FO4 in that you can choose the outcome.

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Automatron Guides & Walkthrough

The final quest Restoring Order (Mechanist Fight/Options) is now available. I’ve also released a page that describes Getting Started in Automatron to accompany the main page about the DLC. This covers how to make the Robot Workbench to begin making your own Automatrons, and walks you through the first two quests while providing some tips for fighting the Mechanist’s creations. Quest 3 Walkthrough: Headhunting is also live on the site.

Robots in Automatron New
Mechanist’s Lair, Eyebots, and Rogue Robots covers what happens after the Mechanist story is complete.

Perks & Bobbleheads

Now that I’ve written about all Perks in Fallout 4, I’ve put them all in a list, with how they work, what you can expect, and my own opinions on them. Hope this is handy! I’ve also compiled map shots of all Bobblehead Locations in the game. You can choose to explore the locations on your own or read descriptions for those I’ve taken notes about.

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