Wiz (ウィズ) is an important supporting character in the KonoSuba series. She is a lich who is the owner of a “famous” Magic Item Shop in Axel and used to be referred to as the Ice Witch (氷の魔女, Kōri no Majo) when she was an adventurer fighting against the Demon King. Wiz is one of the only characters in Konosuba to have her honorable actions be taken quite seriously in the entire series and one of the only characters considered by Kazuma to be an actual good person.

Wiz is a beautiful and well-endowed woman with fair skin and a curvaceous figure. She has brown eyes and straight brown hair reaching down to the front of her shoulders and further behind her back, slightly curling at the tips. Her fringe sometimes covers her right eye. Wiz also possesses a single ahoge that arcs off the top of her head.

Wiz’s color theme is purple. She usually wears a purple dress with a dark purple cloak/robe over it.

Clumsy and forgetful at times, Wiz is a kind and caring young woman despite preconceptions with being a lich. She is very innocent and meek and apologizes quite frequently, making her a target for bullying by Aqua or Vanir and with Beldia constanly throwing his head under her skirt, but eventually even they start treating her with more respect once they spend more and more time with her. The townspeople, though, have tremendous respect and confidence in her. Wiz is usually gentle and polite, yet can be serious and mature, acting like a big-sister figure. She is also hopeless with money and business. Her shop hasn’t had a single profitable month since it first opened in Axel Town, mostly because it sells items that are seemingly useful but have negative side effects or endgame equipment despite being located in a town for beginning adventurers.

Before she became a lich, Wiz was very strong-willed and very competitive, but also very compassionate and willing to sacrifice herself to save her comrades by becoming a lich. She used to be somewhat wrathful and ruthless, but she was still a very nice and altruistic young woman who fought against the Demon King’s army so she could help other people.

The only way to get Wiz angry is by harming the innocent, as the only reason she became a Demon King general in the first place was just so the Demon King’s army wouldn’t harm any bystanders, and once she found out that fellow Demon King general Hans had murdered a bystander, she immediately dropped all neutrality and started fighting him.

Before she became a lich, Wiz was a powerful archwizard known as the Ice Witch. She and her party (which included of her, Brad, Rosary, Karen, and Yukinori) were famous among the people of the world and feared by the forces of the Demon King. They encountered the Demon King’s Generals on multiple occasions; in fact, they were actively hunting them.

On one occasion, Wiz, Brad, and Rosary entered a high level dungeon chasing rumors of a General. After two weeks, they reached the end of the dungeon and found a chest containing Vanir. After a brief exchange, Wiz cut him in two with Light of Saber. Believing him dead, the party began to teleport out, only for Vanir to reveal he survived at the last second. For the next couple months, the three of them would travel down to face Vanir. As he continued to humiliate and taunt them, Brad and Rosary lost motivation while Wiz only grew more angry.

One day, Wiz came alone and challenged Vanir to a duel. Using her full magical power, along with a variety of forbidden magical items, Wiz was able to force Vanir to respond with his full abilities (which he commended her for). After a long and arduous battle. Vanir was left on the brink of losing a life, but Wiz had spent nearly all her life force using the forbidden items. She revealed that her goal was to get Vanir to respect her and form a contract: her soul in exchange for removing Beldia’s death curse from her companions. Vanir did not want her near depleted soul, but taught her how to become a lich and advised to learn Explosion magic if she ever wanted to beat him.

Wiz stormed into the Demon King’s Castle on her own. She tore down the barrier and quickly defeated Hans and Silvia before beating Beldia into submission and forcing him to remove the curse. As repayment for the damage she caused, Wiz agreed to maintain the barrier of the castle. She stole from the Demon King’s treasury to open up a practice shop inside the castle before heading off to Axel.

She now runs a magical item store filled with items either too expensive and high level for the rookie town or items with significant flaws (usually supplied by Hyoizaburoo). Before meeting Aqua, she helped guide souls in poor cemeteries to the afterlife.

Lich Abilities: As a lich, Wiz is immortal and possesses several abilities unique to the undead. However she also gains their weakness to holy magic.

  • Drain Touch: Absorbs strength and stamina from a target, which in turn can be transferred to somebody else.
  • Undead King’s Hand: Gives debilitating debuffs on target with a physical touch. These include level drain, curse, paralysis, sleep, fear, petrification, and instant death.
  • Damage Resistance: Physical attacks are almost completely ineffective against her unless enchanted weapons are used.
  • Cursed Petrification: Petrifies all enemies in a chosen location.
  • Cursed Necromancy: Reanimates dead creatures to serve as allies.

Magic: Wiz is an incredibly powerful mage who can use a vast array of high level spells and is able to cast many of them without chanting. She has an incredibly high mana reserve as she can still move about and cast additional spells after casting Explosion Magic.

  • Enemy Search and Trap Search: A spell that detects any enemies within a certain radius in a similar way to the “Detect Enemy” skill. Trap Search does the exact same thing, except it detects traps instead of enemies.
  • Fire Resist: Grants the user resistance against fire based attacks.
  • Anti-Devil Curses: Wiz learns unspecified anti-devil curses in anticipation for her duel with Vanir.
  • Basic Magic: Wiz has been shown to use basic magic. Due to her high magical power, her use of it far eclipses the like of Kazuma.
    • Freeze: Creates a wave of low temperature that can freeze water.
  • Intermediate Magic: Wiz has been shown to use intermediate magic on occasion.
    • Sleep: Puts the opponent to sleep.
    • Paralyze: Immobilizes an opponent.
  • Advanced Magic: As a powerful archwizard, Wiz has access to advanced magic, which she uses to high effectiveness.
    • Bottomless Swamp: Creates a purple “bottomless” marsh that makes anyone who comes into contact with it sink.
    • Inferno: Creates a large blaze and incinerates the surrounding area.
    • Light of Saber: An advanced spell that generates a magical based blade capable of cutting almost anything.
    • Cursed Lightning: A more powerful version of Lightning; generates a powerful bolt of magic. Wiz is capable of killing a dragon in one hit with this ability.
    • Crystal Prison: An ability allows the user to encase victims in ice.
    • Cursed Crystal Prison: A more powerful version of Crystal Prison and one of Wiz’s most used spells..

Teleportation: Teleport is an high level spell which allows Wiz to teleport objects or people to “marked” locations, which are places she has already visited. Wiz can leave behind additional markings in places she wants to visit later, with a maximum of 3. Wiz can also use a random teleport, removing the need of a marker, but in turn transporting the item to a random location in the world. (Wiz teleported Kazuma and his party to Arcenletia, in the book, Love, Witches, And Other Delusions!)

Explosion: Explosion is an advanced spell and is unrivaled in terms of pure destructive power. However, it consumes so much mana that most spell casters would find their mana completely drained after using it once. Wiz is an exception to this rule because of her incredibly high mana levels.

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