You can’t buy it, but you can earn it. You can’t take it, but you can receive it. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. And when it’s lost, it’s so hard to find.

You can’t buy it, but you can earn it. You can’t take it, but you can receive it. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. And when it’s lost, it’s so hard to find. Trust, like faith, is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. For Cynthia Koh, it’s the foundation and framework of life filled with achievement and free of fear. It’s also the Core Value she most aligns with: “Honor, Embody and Expand Trust.”

“Trust is on everyone’s list whether it’s a business partnership, a love relationship, a friendship, or even a relationship with siblings,” says the WorldVentures National Marketing Director and award-winning Singaporean actress. “It’s important to be a trustworthy person so that you gain loyalty from the people around you. When I handle my business, I practice trust and integrity. They are the two fundamental aspects in any successful person. How far you will go in this business depends on how much others trust you.”

Cynthia learned early to believe in herself. Born to working-class parents, she got her first part-time job at just 15 years old. Following graduation from Saint Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, she enrolled in drama courses at Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now MediaCorp) and, at the tender age of 18, she landed her first role on Mandarin TV. Since that time, Cynthia has performed in 46 dramas on screen and on stage, including the critically acclaimed “Men at Forty-Eight” in 1997. Her honors include Best Actress and Top 10 wins from the Star Awards and an Asian Television Awards best actress nomination. “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” she quips. “My parents taught me to make use of every opportunity I have. I am a great risk-taker and I love to venture into the unknown. It’s life and life is full of surprises. Nothing in life is a guarantee. I have learned to live fearlessly.”

Ever mindful that fame is fleeting, and still searching for new adventures, Cynthia joined WorldVentures at the urging of a close friend. “She was pretty mysterious about it at first, and I got frustrated because she was too busy to show me the business. So I approached James Lee to arrange for a chat over coffee. That was the 13th of December 2011 to be exact.”

“To say it has changed my life is an understatement,” she shares. “It’s more like WorldVentures has transformed me into the person I really want to be. I am living my life the way it was intended. I go out and travel for the sole purpose of creating peak life experiences and having great fun in my life. The more I travel, the more grateful I am for what I have. I understand life much more now than before. And I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer. Most people don’t believe in passive income. They think it’s impossible to achieve. I guess I am living proof to a lot of my friends that a plan B is possible.”

To build her team, promote teamwork and impart her strategic vision, Cynthia’s WV partners meet periodically in person. In the interim they deploy the system of duplication–inviting, presenting, closing and training–to expand in numbers. Presentation videos rank highest among the group’s marketing methods.

“I love WV trainings–they help the team stay positive,” she explains. “Doing daily affirmations and being aware of our daily thoughts helps a lot, too. Most of my teammates are open to reading books and listening to audios that I’ve recommended, and we go to trainings together. I do lend them my ear if they need advice.

“As long as WorldVentures is around, I would love to do more for others and add value to people’s lives, whether it’s VolunTours or training. I believe we all have vast experiences and stories that will benefit others.”

Cynthia’s compassion aligns with her ability to trust others. Trust is reciprocal and reaches inward, and when Cynthia looked within and extended trust, she reaped the benefits of her belief. “I feel very blessed to be part of something that helps others expand and learn more about life and themselves.”

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